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Adams Parts


One-time, glass, Slo-Blo, Slo-Blo glass, Slo-Blo midget, electronic:  nearly 400 different fuses are available every day.  Voltages from 32 to 600VAC, amps from 0.5 to 1000.  You don’t have to look far to find a replacement fuse.

Hydraulic Packing Kits

Choose from generic and OEM-specific packing kits (seal, lantern, wiper) for jack diameters from 3” to 17-7/8”.  Some kits include bearing rings;  bearings are available separately when not included in kit.  For convenience and dependability, you can rely on Adams.


In a perfect world, lamps would last forever.  In our world, they don’t…but you need never be farther from a replacement than a telephone call to Adams.  Choose from hundreds of incandescent, neon, or LED replacement lamps.  We stock most voltages and mounting base configurations.

Miscellaneous Adams Parts

Looking for a CSA cartop inspection station?  300 feet of selector tape?  40” pullstrap?  17/32” nylon door gib guide?  You’ll never appreciate the breadth and scope of Adams’ product line until you ask for a part that nobody else can supply…and your Adams sales rep tells you, “Not a problem.”

Timers and Relays

If you haven’t already replaced old timers, relays and capacitors with their solid-state counterparts, now is the time to act.  Adams stocks solid-state replacements for most common applications from manufacturers whose names and reputations you know. 

Wheels and Rollers

No other parts manufacturer makes more rollers for more elevator and escalator applications—or makes them better.  Hanger rollers, guide rollers, upthrust rollers, drive rollers, chain rollers, and more—all featuring Adams’ original polyurethane in Quiet, Heavy-Duty, and Low-Friction formulations. 

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Adams Elevator Parts

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