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Ultra UV and Ultra UV PRO handrail sanitation devices

The Ultra UV device uses an energy efficient germicidal UVC light to treat the handrails at a short distance. Installed out-of-sight, inside the escalator or moving walk, this directly damages DNA and RNA, which are the genetic materials of bacteria and viruses. Thanks to the physical disinfection process using UVC LED lighting technology, handrails are disinfected in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. The design makes it easy to install.

The Ultra UV device is a practical solution that may prevent the rapid spread of bacteria and viruses. The Ultra UV PRO device works similarly to the Ultra UV device, but operates at a higher efficacy, providing an even more efficient level of continuous and automatic disinfection.

* Solutions are not intended to prevent disease. These provide practical measures to maximize social distancing in a small space for a short duration and are they are not intended as a substitute for applicable CDC guidelines and recommendations.