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Equator™ Rope Tensioning System

Prevent premature and excessive rope and sheave groove wear with The Equator™ Rope Tensioning System. Unequal tension creates vibration and rope slip, leading to premature and excessive wear of ropes and sheave grooves. The Equator™ helps prevent these unsafe conditions by ensuring that rope tensions are equal on all hoist ropes, supporting the elevator car and counterweight.

The Equator™ rope tensioning system uses two identical injection molded gauges to compare and ensure the tension in traction lift hoist ropes can be equalized.

The Equator™ system is fast to implement, and the rope tensions measurements are accurate because the gauges are initially calibrated on the same rope.

The robust and lightweight Equator™ gauges are supplied in a briefcase, complete with springs, hook bolts, adjusting spanner and rope locators. No power or data cables are required for operation. The system is designed for use on a range of lift ropes from 1/4-inch to 3/4-inch.

Order your Equator™ Rope Tensioning System today! Call Adams at 800-929-9247.

Download technical articles, watch the demonstration video, download product flyers and user manual here.

Reference the complete Drucegrove product index online.

Refer to Part# AMT0005