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ADAMS to Showcase the Newest in Elevator Safety Technology at United


Adams Elevator Equipment Company will showcase a number of exciting products at this year’s United 2009. Visit Adams at Booth #1005 to see the latest in elevator safety technology, the new IMS 100 3-D Door Sensor. Also featured this year will be The Equator™ Rope Tensioning System from Drucegrove, Printed Circuit Boards, HatchLatch® Electronic Door Restrictor, GateKeeper™ door protection unit, LifeJacket® hydraulic elevator safety system, and the KE Limit Switch.

IMS 100 3-D Door Sensor: Adams will feature its new IMS 100 3-D Door Sensor, an upgrade to most existing 2-D systems that provides protection against personal injury and property damage. Utilizing the latest in “smart camera” technology, its self-contained sensor has a 3-foot field of vision and can distinguish between objects approaching the door and stationary objects. This breakthrough technology safely monitors down to 4" before the door closes, providing the most advanced protection on the market.

Drucegrove’s Equator Rope Tensioning System: The Equator™ helps prevent premature and excessive rope and sheave groove wear, and will also be featured at Adams’ booth. Unequal rope tension creates vibration and rope slip, inevitably leading to premature and excessive wear of ropes and sheave grooves. This system ensures rope tensions are equal on all ropes supporting the lift car and counterweight by use of two identical injection molded gauges. These gauges provide accurate measurements by initially calibrating them on the same rope. The entire system is supplied in a lightweight briefcase, complete with springs, hook bolts, adjusting spanner and rope locators. The system is designed for use on a range of lift ropes from 1/4" to 3/4", and no power or data cables are required for operation.

Printed Circuit Boards: Adams will feature its Printed Circuit Board products for Door Operators, Hall Station, Lantern and Position Indicators, Car Station, Relay, Timer, Power Supplies and Rectifiers, Emergency Lights, Chargers and Chimes, Input/Output and Interface, and Controller boards. Stop by and learn about Adams’ PCB Exchange™, which provides a credit in exchange for your old repairable board for each replacement ordered. 

Also on display are a variety of products that provide increased safety and guarantee improved performance. The HatchLatch®  Electronic Door Restrictor is designed to keep elevator doors securely locked between landing zones, and the kit includes everything needed to protect a 5-story rise. HatchLatch® meets A17.1 1996 (and subsequent) Code for door restrictors. The GateKeeper™ door protection unit, which plugs into 17-240 VAC/VDC, uses up to 154 infrared beams to fill the elevator entryway with a curtain of protection with the ability to detect an obstacle as small as a coin. Available with built-in Nudging, Phase I/Phase II Fire Recall, and 3-D accessory option that retrofits almost any installation.

The LifeJacket® hydraulic elevator safety system will also be on display. Its machined arms will grip a falling plunger if the cylinder or pressure fails, and is recommended for all hydraulic elevators installed before 1980. Also on display is the KE Terminal Limit Switch, an efficient replacement for obsolete mechanical switches. Its magnetic actuators are easily mounted in the elevator shaft for consistent activation, without the wear and tear of traditional roller-arm switches.

Adams Elevator Equipment Company supplies a full line of safety system and accessory products for elevator service companies and is the largest distributor of elevator replacement parts, safety products, poly rollers and door protection products to the elevator industry. With the industry’s most extensive parts selection in inventory, Adams is able to fulfill 98% of parts orders with same-day shipment. For more information or to request your catalog, call 800-929-9247 or visit us online at

Visit Adams Elevator Equipment Company at United Booth #1005 for more information.