Anti-Personnel Entrapment System

Anti-Personnel Entrapment System

Stay ahead of power outages with the Anti-Personnel Entrapment System, designed to keep passengers safe regardless of severe weather, power grid problems or any emergency power loss situation. The simple safety upgrade installation kit is available for Schindler-manufactured low-rise hydraulic elevators, including the 330A, 321A, 300A and MPH2.

In the event of an emergency, the battery-lowering system automatically reacts to a power loss without any manual activation, taking control immediately, cancelling any floor calls, lowering the car to the designated egress landing and opening elevator doors.

The kit provides an economical way to minimize passenger disruption incidents. By immediately reacting, the emergency return system keeps your elevators in service and gets passengers out of a power-compromised elevator within seconds—saving riders from the inconvenience of remaining stuck inside the car and you the trouble of a costly emergency service call.

The system includes a battery backup pack, cables, brackets, wiring diagrams and software modified to allow battery lowering in the event of power failure. The long-life battery pack (up to five years) is designed to minimize service requests.

The Anti-Personnel Entrapment System can retrofit to units installed without battery lowering—new equipment orders generally include battery lowering with installation. A power on/off signal from the main disconnect in the form of an auxiliary contact is required and not included in the installation kit.

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