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Key Maintenance Checks for Maintaining Your Facility’s Elevator

Elevators make an impression on the riding public. Substandard or down equipment detracts from the user’s or tenant’s perception of the building.

14 Easy Escalator Maintenance Tips to Avoid Disruption

Local codes generally do not provide requirements for regular maintenance. The regulations are in place primarily to provide a safe means of transporting people.

Product Spotlight: Safe-T-Lock Door Monitor

Elevators have come a long way from the days when operators manually controlled doors and activated the cab’s vertical motion, helping keep passengers safe every step of the way.

Elevator & Escalator Parts to Have on Hand to Avoid Downtime

Because of the variance in escalators and elevators, manufacturers will have their own specific parts not used on competitor equipment. Elevator/escalator systems will also have their own unique parts within the same manufacturer or across a product’s lifecycle.