Schindler 330A Maintenance Kits

Schindler 330A Maintenance Kits

ADAMS offers repair kits for the Schindler 330A, one of the most popular low-rise elevator systems on the market today. Each kit contains a variety of the most requested replacements parts, including car and hall pushbuttons and bases, reed switches, door rollers, clutch springs and more.

Choose the kit that's best for you

Kit A

Parts included:
• Car and hall pushbuttons and bases
• Reed switches
• Door rollers
• Clutch springs and guide shoe inserts
• All standard keys used on a 330A elevator system

Kit B

Parts included:
• All parts in Kit A
• Interlock contacts
• Door lock link assembly
• Contact latch assembly
• Fuses

Kit C

Parts included:
• All parts in Kit B
• Three-lane sensor for leveling
• Hall-station circuit board (HPBHNA)