Uni-Step™ escalator upgrade

Step up to a safer, better-looking and more efficient performance with the Uni-Step escalator upgrade from ADAMS. The highly visible, three-sided demarcation and innovative SureGuide™ step guidance system help ensure a smoother, more secure ride. The one-piece, die-cast aluminum design is stronger and lighter than alternatives, with improved clamping for fewer shutdowns, lower energy consumption and easier service access.

Top Uni-Step features

SureGuide step guidance
The SureGuide step guidance system features strong, self-lubricating ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene guides on both sides of the step that run along the skirt panels. They help keep the steps aligned with less lateral play, and permit a tighter step-to-skirt gap.

Demarcation helps passengers step safely
High-visibility demarcation along the sides and back of each step is a widespread code requirement for new escalators. The edge demarcation helps passengers see the “break” between steps and get a good footing when they are board. The side demarcation helps alert passengers not to place their feet at the extreme sides of the steps.

Fully meshing steps
Uni-Steps are designed to mesh front-to-back along the entire length of travel. This helps prevent objects from being caught in the space between adjacent steps. These are required by the ASME A17.1-2000 code on new escalators.

Radiused lip for safety
At the bottom of each step riser a lip engages the adjacent step. This helps keep steps in place if they are ever subjected to upward forces. On type N and NT escalators, track modifications allow for further code compliance.

Improved clamping design for easier servicing
Servicing previous steps required removal at the ends of the escalator access inside the truss area. Technicians can quickly remove Uni-Steps anywhere along the escalator for faster restoration of service.