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ADAMS Online Store - Frequently Asked Questions

What are specialty catalogs?

Adams created specialty catalogs to facilitate easier, focused parts searches. All of the parts in the specialty catalogs are also available in the full line parts catalog.

  • Only registered users can place orders—click the "new user registration" link to create an account
  • Items may only be placed into the shopping cart from the catalog currently in view
  • Click "details" to learn more about a part or "SPECS" for more advanced information about a part
  • Use the Live Chat feature during regular business hours for assistance from an ADAMS representative

How do I create an account on the Adams online store?

Prior registration is required before placing any orders on the Adams online store.

  • Click the "new user registration" link under the "logon" heading on the right-hand side of the Adams homepage to register for an online login
  • Your user ID and case-sensitive password will be sent to your email after you complete the registration form

How do I manage items in my shopping cart?

After logging in, click "new order" on the right side of the home page.

  • Users must accept our terms and conditions before placing any orders
  • Select the desired shipping, including a pre-arranged or third-party carrier
  • To add an item into the shopping cart, click the blue "in your cart" button, update the quantity of a part and click "in your cart" again to place an item in the shopping cart
  • Asterisks next to part numbers indicate the price is affected by order quantity
  • Hover the cursor over the quantity field to view alternate prices
  • Select the "remove" box and click "update cart" to remove an item from the cart
  • Click "cancel" to cancel the order

How do I search for parts?

Users can search our entire selection by category, sub category and list, or using a full or partial part number in the full-line product catalog.

  • Enter a sequence of numbers and click the adjacent red search icon to search by a full or partial product number
  • Use either a keyword search or an advanced search to narrow down by equipment type, location, item type, manufacturer and more

How do I check out?

Click "continue" to place an order.

  • Correct actions in error messages to complete an order
  • Green messages are informational and will not interfere with the order process
  • Select the desired shipping, including a pre-arranged or third-party carrier—Adams will only have third-party carrier information on file if it was previously sent it to us—contact us to add a destination
  • An Adams sales representative must handle a request before releasing an order for processing if special instructions are included with an online order

Can I check an order's status?

Users can look up an order by a PO number, sales order number or date range.

  • Click the "account" tab in the main navigation to search orders that are open and already paid for
  • Use the drop down menus to further sort by order status, characteristics, part or billing document number
  • Click the "orders-shipment" tab to see if an order has been completed and shipped
  • Click the "invoices-payments" tab to see if what orders are paid for and what orders have payments due

Can I manage the status of orders, deliveries, invoices and payments?

Users can view open orders, deliveries and payments by status, characteristics or time period.

  • Click the "account" tab in the main navigation to manage status
  • Order status information is saved as far back as 365 days
  • Items on backorder are marked by a "partially completed" or "open" designation
  • Completed orders indicate that the order has been filled
  • Click the number next to "shipment info" and select the carrier�s tracking number to obtain your order�s status

How do I change my password?

You are encouraged to change your password upon your first login and from time to time to maintain security.

  • Click "change password" and complete the promoted actions on the account page
  • Editing a specific user�s information will not impact any other users on one account
  • Contact us to reset or create a new password

How do I contact Adams?

Call us at 1-800-929-9247 with any questions, concerns or problems.

  • Users are welcome to use the Live Chat feature during regular business hours for assistance from an ADAMS representative
  • Subscribe to our e-newsletter, The Lift, for site updates, promotions and news

Can I create a template to make ordering frequently ordered items easier?

Saved templates allow users to easily re-order frequently ordered items.

  • Click "save as template," enter a name for the template and select "OK" to save an order as a template
  • Click the "account" tab in the main navigation, then select "order templates" to access saved templates
  • A template�s name appears under "your purchase order number" in the template list
  • Selecting a template does not automatically place items into the shopping cart— click the red shopping cart icon to add the template�s items to the shopping cart
  • Once in the shopping cart, users can remove, add or change the quantity of a template�s items as needed

Can I upload parts to order forms from text files?

Users can quickly upload products to an order form from text files.

  • Click "upload products" in the shopping cart and follow the instructions to create the proper text-file format
  • Click "browse" to browse and select files
  • Click the "confirm" button to load product list into the shopping cart