SilentMove™ Digital Elevator Landing System

One of the quietest belt systems in the world, the SilentMove Digital Elevator Landing System is a user-friendly and reliable alternative to switches and sensors that deliver high-accuracy results down to 0.1 millimeters. SilentMove provides everything needed for fast and flexible installation, with quiet and non-slip digital shaft copying for universal mounting.

Choose from the Kevlar® cable-based system, which accommodates heights of up to 175 feet, or the guided belt system, for heights of up to 400 feet. Both systems include all mounting and fastening hardware needed for quick, maintenance-free installation.

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Top SilentMove features

• Typically just 68 dB of sound
• Accuracy of 0.1 mm
• Operates up to 800 fpm
• Heights up to 400 ft.
• Non-slip, due to steel-reinforced, Teflon-coated belt
• Incremental or magnetic, absolute encoder (CANopen, SSI or RS485 interface)
• Complete set of mechanical parts, ready for easy, virtually maintenance-free installation
• UL listed