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LED Demarcation Light

The LED Demarcation Light helps alert escalator passengers that they are approaching a danger point by emitting bright points of green light directed toward the passenger's eyes. Unlike traditional fluorescent lights which light up the entire machine area, our LED Demarcation light directs light only where it is needed.

And, because it consumes only 1 watt of power compared to the 35 watts consumed by a typical fluorescent unit, the LED Demarcation light is a green product that will help you save money and energy.

The LED Demarcation lights are water resistant, economical and come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Please reference product documentation for additional details on manufacturer's warranty.

Technical Specifications
Model CLQ10534
Light Source 24 green light emitting diodes
Light Output The light output of one of these green LEDs, measured at 15" directly in front of the unit is 12.2 lux. (Compare with 1.8 lux, the amount of light which is emitted from a ½" diameter area of a typical fluorescent lamp, measured without the green filter. When the filter is added, the light output of the fluorescent lamp is further reduced to perhaps 1 lux, depending on what type of filter is used)
Input Voltage 24VAC or 24VDC full wave unfiltered (24VDC regulated will not adequately illuminate the LEDs)
Mounting Mounts to two studs. Mounting holes are approx. 3/16"
Dimensions 18.0 in x 1.0 in x 0.56 in
Durability The typical life expectancy of LEDs at 20mA is about 50,000 hours of illumination. At the above listed input voltages, the average current through the LEDs is 14mA, so life expectancy should be greater, although there is no data available at 14mA. Unit is water resistant